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"It just comes down to saving money, time and avoid making costly mistakes.  What you don’t know in this industry, can cost you tons of time and money."   Andrew Cunningham

This industry is unique and knowing the way it works translates into saving money, time and avoiding costly mistakes.


Most brokers in the real estate market have very little knowledge or means to determine a fair market value for a laundry. They know how to put a real estate deal together but don’t know how to determine if what you are buying is a gold nugget or an endless money pit. Brokers who lack the ability to determine the true value of a laundromat will one day become your regret for using them to find your dream. If your agent can’t tell the difference, between a gold nugget or an endless money pit, then you won’t either. Until you buy it. Then you will know the difference. You will be opening up your wallet for fiscal disaster. With your money tied up in the "pit" you won't have the money when the "gold nugget" of a laundromat becomes available. 

Stop and consider the old saying, “You got to spend some money to make money.” Would you spend $10,000.00 to save $100.000.00? Seriously, would you spend money to save a lot of money? It takes money to make money and I will show you what I can do for you.

First and foremost; I will save you money. How might you ask?


  • From overpaying for a laundromat.

  • From being misled with bogus, inaccurate, or missing fiscal and operational information about the laundry.

  • From being taken advantage of by a dishonest seller who does not disclose hidden liabilities.

  • For entering into a lease that benefits the landlord at your expense or will jeopardize your new laundromat's future.

  • By working with your lenders.

  • From buying equipment in a laundromat that has exceeded its fiscal life. If you don’t know what “fiscal life” means, well, it means you need me.

  • From buying a laundromat in a geographical area that is unsafe. Remember, “Location, Location, Location” is everything.

  • From buying a laundromat where there are too many competitors.

  • From buying a laundromat where parking, signage, ingress, and egress are compromised.

  • From buying someone else’s headache and money pit.

  • From expanding your current laundry services when expansion would be a mistake.

  • From not expanding your current services because you just don’t know how, and you miss out on a lot more revenue.

  • From costly mistakes when you rebuild your laundry such as an inadequate equipment ratio or number of machines. Remember, equipment manufacturers, they sell machines; that is their goal. Getting the right amount of equipment and the ratio of washers to dryers is your concern. Sure, they will tell you what you need. Be prepared to open your wallet wider.


Consider the second way I will save you money. As the old adage states “Time is money.”  I will save you time. How might you ask?


  • From entering into escrow on a laundromat not worth your time or money.

  • From endless conversations, back and forth, with sellers or other agents who force you to sign NDA just to get data on their listing.

  • From diverting your attention away from a poor performing laundry, wrapped in a pretty bow,  to better laundry opportunities.

  • I will work directly with the seller and his broker on your behalf.

  • I will determine the fair market value of the laundry.

  • I will work with your lenders or bank.

  • I can teach you all aspects of the daily operations of a laundromat. That includes hiring and retaining staff.

  • I can teach you successful fiscal practices.

  • I can help you market your laundry.

  • I can help you expand your services, opening up new lines of service, which means more revenue.

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