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Often, I am not at my desk, but I am out, looking at laundromats, or visiting clients at their laundromats. I direct all calls for my services to this webpage. Please book a one hour phone conversation. 

It will cost you $300.00 for the one hour phone call.  It is money well spent. You will have clarity on your goals. I will deduct that $300.00 from your first bill from me if you become a client or better your broker. 

If you are selling your  laundromat and you hire me to become your broker, know that I have a list of potential buyers already. I will get you the most money for your laundromat. 

If you are interested in buying a laundromat and want me as your broker, you must ask the seller if their broker will work with another broker. Many brokers who sell laundromats refuse to work with the buyer's broker because the seller's broker has to share the commission from the sale. They don't like that and even turn good deals away to save their commission. 


Consultation Services

The 1 hour phone conversation is the best way to determine what we can do together. If you are new to the industry, own a laundromat but want to maximize profits, want to buy a laundromat or want to sell your laundromat, I will bring my best to your goals. 

Laundromat Valuation and Appraisal

If you want to know the worth of a particular laundromat, use this one hour conversation to begin the process. 

Our Services

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