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How I became one of the best Brokers and Consultants in the laundromat industry!

I have been a resident of Southern California, all of my life. I have watched things change and yet remain very much the same. My background in the laundry industry spans 40 years. I have been deeply involved in building, remodeling, consulting with others on their laundromats, buying and selling laundromats, and of course, operating laundromats.


One of my best memories in the industry involved working with my brother, Bill. Together, by hard work and creativity, in 1997 we founded a new type of laundromat. It was called Lucy’s LaundryMart™.


Lucy’s was a unique store chain that pioneered and set the standard for co-branding in the laundromat industry. Together, we raised $30 million in venture capital to launch this unique co-branding idea of pairing a laundromat along with Starbucks, Wells Fargo Bank and Burger King.

In 2000, I recognized the laundry industry was getting more complex and one unfortunate result of that complexity was that ordinary people, who wanted to start their own business in the industry, were struggling to get a foothold. The need for honest and genuine people/consultants who were experts in all aspects of the laundry industry to offer assistance to those interested investors was obvious.


These consultants could offer their expertise and help bring to life the dreams of these investors. With this role in mind, I founded my own business, Andrew Cunningham Enterprises, LLC. It is my platform for meeting these interested investors, these ordinary people who wanted to be their own boss, own their own store, succeed by the sweat of their own efforts. I offer education, training, and troubleshooting as it involves the fine art of operating, buying, selling, remodeling or building a new laundromat.


I have extensive knowledge of the industry. I have worked with many successful clients who have used my services and have done very well in the industry. As I have mentioned earlier, I have witnessed and managed the changes in the industry. I excel at the art of building or remodeling laundromats, consulting with others regarding their laundromats, buying and selling laundromats, and of course, the daily operations of a laundromat.

My services are not only for those individuals just getting into the business. I have worked extensively with owners of very successful laundromats. These owners wisely recognized a new set of eyes would help make their laundromats more fiscally profitable, more secure, and their daily operations could be streamlined for efficiency.


I have been told by others, that I offer a level of service, insight and expertise few others in the industry provide. One of my most valuable contributions to my work with clients is my unique ability to study a particular laundromat to determine if its worth is honestly reflected in what the seller is asking for it. My Due Diligence report is a detailed analysis of the laundromat in question and the report will yield a clear perspective on the genuine value of a laundromat.

In the last analysis, I am different than most Brokers and Consultants in the laundromat industry. I see your dreams as my own. I see your existing laundromat as if it were my own. I see your remodel or brand new laundromat as if I were going to be the owner and operator.


I want you to succeed as much as I desire to succeed. 

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