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Not all Brokers are Laundry Brokers. Beware!

Are all Brokers the same? No, not in the laundry industry. If your Broker doesn't offer consulting services to assist you in operating your laundry, you have chosen the wrong Broker. What do you think? Would you buy a car from a dealer who couldn't tell you how to operate the vehicle? I would hope not!

What do you expect from your Broker?

I'll give you few suggestions, you come up with some on your own.

  1. Determine the correct value of the laundromat you want to buy.

  2. Work with the seller's Broker, the seller, any loan providers, equipment manufacturers, and local city requirements.

  3. Determine the overall potential success and growth of the laundromat in that given area, location on the street or shopping center.

  4. Evaluate the effectivity of current operations with an eye towards upscaling the lines of service to increase monthly income.

  5. Connect with service providers for fixing machines and competent construction companies.

Does the Broker you have or are considering to sign on with do these things? If he/she/they don't, your have sold yourself short and doing a disservice to your success!

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