Professional Laundromat Consultant

Andrew Cunningham




Thank you for taking a moment to see if what I offer will help you meet your needs. The industry has come a long way since that first coin-operated laundromat opened in Philadelphia, PA., in 1947.  There are lots of different brokers, manufacturers, contractors and consultants  to choose from in this field.  My promise to you is simple: I will work more diligently, keep your best interests in mind, watch the bottom line and do so with the goal of making your dream a success!   Andy Cunningham

Broker Services

I have been successfully working as a broker in California for the last 37 years. I enjoy helping others create their dream business. I will get you the best deal possible for your goals. I will help you understand the industry, operations, security, and making your business profitable. 


Consulting Services

You have a desire to be your own boss and own your own laundromat. You are pretty sure you have the resources to buy one, but you have limited experience of the industry outside of using a laundromat yourself in the past. I can help you out. Perhaps you already own a laundromat and are looking to expand, make more income. Or perhaps you are considering a remodel of your existing business? Existing owners might think; “I need to make more money out of my laundromat. Do I have the right equipment and the correct balance of washers to dryers?” The role of the Consultant is to maximize your choices, minimize your costs, avoid costly errors, and succeed.


Don't go it alone!

There is no charge for calling me or emailing me for your first consultation session. If I can be of service to you and make it easier for you to do whatever it, is you hope to do, I will. You lose nothing for reaching out to me and have everything to win or gain.



Address: 2031 w. 237th St

Torrance CA, 90501

Phone: (310) 951-4556

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