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Professional Laundromat Consultant

Andrew Cunningham



Thank you for taking a moment to see if what I offer will help you meet your needs. The industry has come a long way since that first coin-operated laundromat opened in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1934.  There are lots of different brokers, manufacturers, contractors and consultants  to choose from in this field.  My promise to you is simple: I will work more diligently, keep your best interests in mind, watch the bottom line and do so with the goal of making your dream a success!   Andy Cunningham

If you are interested in becoming a client, or just looking around, and have a few questions, the best way to get to me is to use the online booking system. The 1/2-hour consultation, for $150.00, is the best way to determine what I can do for you and how we can work together. If you hire me for consulting or being your broker, I will credit this $150.00 right back to you. I want to help you out.  Andy

Broker Services

I have been successfully working as a broker in California for the last 38 years. 

You get the best of both worlds, a broker and all of the benefits of a consultant. 



Consulting Services

My role as your Consultant is to save you money, maximize your choices, minimize your costs, avoid costly errors, and succeed.

I will work with anyone  you may have hired. I gladly offer my services to be your broker as well.

I will teach you the laundry business, the industry culture, and give you an overview of the return on your investment. 

I will help you find a laundry that meets your goals.

I will investigate and research that laundry based on the information provided by the seller/broker, to determine a fair market value. 

I will write that Letter of Intent, L.O.I. and or Purchase Agreement. 

I will complete an extensive Due Diligence review of fiscal data, review the lease terms and conditions, as provided by the seller/broker. The goal of this Due Diligence report is to ensure that the laundry is actually making what they claim it is making each month. 

I will assist you with escrow and look out for your interests.

Once you own  your new laundromat, I offer an entire compliment of training services regarding staff, operations, marketing, bookkeeping,  and equipment maintenance to assist  in your success. 

Don't go it alone!

If I can be of service to you and make it easier for you to do whatever it is you hope to accomplish, I will. 

I know this industry better than 99% of other brokers, consultants and owners. 

I'll work harder, smarter and with more determination than anyone else. 

From my professional experience, I have saved many investors the heartache of a poor fiscal investment and loss of precious time. 

If you are new to the industry, this being your first laundry purchase, don't make the mistakes that most, if not all, beginners make. Wasted time, effort, spending money on unneeded upgrades or maintaining poor operations, outdated vending prices, can be avoided, with a simple call to me.   

Schedule your initial Consultation for 1/2 hour. Cost is $150.00. It's worth your time and investment. 



Address: 2031 w. 237th St

Torrance CA, 90501

Phone: (310) 951-4556

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