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I have been successfully working as a broker in California for the last 40 years. 

You get the best of both worlds with my services; a broker and all of the benefits of a consultant. 

Before you hire a broker, consider that most brokers know little about operating a laundromat. Would you buy a car from a salesperson who could not tell you how to use it or its functions? I hope not. 

Many brokers refuse to work with other brokers. They want all of the commission for the sale, they don't want to share it with another broker. These brokers actually turn away good offers from other brokers, to line their pockets with more money, at your expense. That means your laundromat stays on the market for a longer time and your goal of its sale is not accomplished. 

I work with other brokers and will never turn away an offer. I will share the commission. 

If your broker has not produced results in 30 days, you have the wrong broker. I have a list of well qualified buyers ready to buy a laundromat, today!

Wear and tear on the laundromat equipment makes your laundromat less valuable. If your broker is stringing you along, terminate their contract. Their slowness is making you lose money. 

No one understands this industry better than I do and no one is more committed to making your purchase, sale or daily operations more successful. No one! 

Andrew Cunningham, Professional Consultant and Broker in the Laundromat Industry
Andrew Cunningham, Professional Consultant and Broker

My role as your Consultant is show you how to maximize your income potential while avoiding costly errors. 

I will work with anyone else you may have hired, including your Broker.

I will teach you everything I know about the laundry business and its culture.

Let's talk about your goals and how I can help you achieve them.

I will investigate and research any potential laundromat you find. My evaluation will be based on the information provided by the seller/broker, and other points of data, to determine a fair market value. I will let you know if they are asking a fair price or one that is unreasonable.

 I will write your Letter of Intent, L.O.I. and or Purchase Agreement. 

I will complete an extensive Due Diligence review of fiscal data, review the lease terms and conditions, as provided by the seller/broker. The goal of this Due Diligence report is to ensure that the laundry is actually making what they claim it is making each month. 

I will assist you with escrow and look out for your interests.

Once you own your new laundromat, I offer an entire compliment of training services regarding staff, operations, marketing, bookkeeping,  and equipment maintenance to assist  in your success. 



Andy Cunningham

Torrance CA, 90501

Phone: (310) 951-4556

CA Broker's License 00906334


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