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Andrew Cunningham, Licensed Real Estate Broker in CA. (00906334)

There were 93,795 active real estate brokers in California during May 2020.


What Real Estate Broker is right for you? What do you expect them to do? You have to know not all Brokers are alike!

Most brokers are in the business to represent a seller or buyer. Their goal is simple: find someone to buy the laundromat they are listing or find a laundromat that meets the needs of the person they represent.  Once done, escrow closed, deal is done! See ya later. Good luck running your new business. You open the doors to your new business and wonder: "Now what do I do?" While the broker is onto his or her next client looking for the next deal!


That is not my approach, not by a long shot. If you are looking to buy a laundromat, we'll find one together. I'll educate you on how not to be fooled into buying something that is not worth your time or money. Once we find a worthy laundromat for purchase, I'll get the very best deal for you based on the actual worth of the laundromat, which may or may not be the asking price of the seller. I'll teach you how to market, secure, and operate your new laundromat.  No one does this better than me. No one!

If you have a laundromat to sell, I will work diligently to find you a buyer and sell your laundromat at a price that is reasonable and fair.  If your laundromat needs some attention to increase its market value, I will include in the broker fees my expertise in preparing your laundry for sale.


As an added incentive to let me be your Broker, I will return to you $1000.00 of your paid brokers fees. A thank you for using my services.